How to Reduce Arguments with your Child When it's Time to Practice Their Instrument

Create peaceful, productive practice sessions with your child

You’ve tried to keep practice time positive. You’ve had some great days, and some pull out your hair days. You’ve even tried pleading and bribing. Perhaps you've even lost your cool? (hey many of us have!)

You might be wondering if you’re actually cut out for being involved in your child’s practice. You feel like it shouldn’t be this hard and you wonder if it will ever get easier.

The reality is many people find practice with their child frustrating and give up. Others push through, but their relationship with their child suffers.

This is too high a cost to pay!  Not only that, but we miss the opportunity to help our child develop a love of music and learn to play well when we quit or if they begin hate music because practice is negative and filled with conflict.   

As a Parent, I’ve Been There Too!

I understand how hard it is. I struggled to practice with my own children too.  I was a new teacher and had a clear and idealistic picture of what practice should look like. It came as a complete surprise to me that my children could enjoy playing the instrument yet hate to practice with such intensity.   

Daily arguments, stalling, wasted time  and even tantrums were the norm when I first started practicing with my children. Honestly some days I didn’t have the energy or patience to follow through and make them practice at all.

Years of trial and error, reading experts’ advice, teaching music, speaking to parents, and learning everything I could about how I could improve practice time have turned things around for my family and my students. 

Although it is my child's responsibility to practice, I have power to set the tone and help them learn to practice effectively. Practice is no longer a daily battle.

This course distills the simple steps for transforming practice for you and your child. 

I have been putting these strategies into practice for the past 18 years of teaching and have seen it transform practice for my own children and for the parents and students I work with in my studio. 

A few years ago, one student of mine fought every day in practice with his mother, often resulting in tears.  

Every single day was a fight. They were exhausted and on the verge of quitting music lessons. 

 They weren’t sure they wanted to continue and I don’t blame them.  

Thankfully, with just a few changes to how they were practicing everything changed. 

Now three years later this student is making steady progress and his practice sessions no longer include daily conflict and arguments. 

As parents we cannot control our child’s mood, interest in practice, or behavior but we have a huge impact on the environment our child practices in. 

For example: 

  • how we help them transition into practice 
  • how we end practice each day 
  • how we, as parents, prepare ourselves to practice
  • how we create an environment at home that encourages a love of music

These make all the difference in modeling how our child will respond and eventually internalize their own practice habit. 

Here’s What the Course Covers: 

This course will make a big impact on your practice sessions in the time it takes to attend one lesson with your child.

  • Get instant access to six short videos that take you through the three  phases of practice, including how to start practice effectively and how to end each practice with tomorrow’s practice in mind. 
  • Learn to encourage your child's interest in music to keep their motivation high. 
  • Learn strategies for practice that keep your child engaged and help them to learn to practice effectively.  
  • Learn to create a musical environment at home to foster interest in improving their skills. 
Use the downloadable course workbook to apply these simple ideas and to transform your practice sessions at home.  

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It's up to us as parents to set the stage for great practice at home with our children.

We can keep doing what we’ve been doing and get the same results, or we can choose to change our approach to help impact practice in a positive direction.

As parents we are the practice environment for our children – it is up to us to set up an environment that supports them so that they can thrive. Let’s take our practice sessions from frustration and conflict to cooperation and progress.

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How to Reduce Arguments with your Child When it's Time to Practice Their Instrument

About the Instructor

Christine Goodner has the unique perspective of being a music student from the age of 3, a full time time music teacher, and parent to two daughters. 

After struggling to practice with her own children when they were young, she has made it her mission to help parents learn to work with their children with less conflict & more productive practice sessions.

Christine runs her private studio Brookside Suzuki Strings in Hillsboro, OR. 

She is author of the book Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families  (which can be found on Amazon) and co-hosts the podcast Beyond the Music Lesson which can be found on Apple Podcasts. She writes helpful articles for music teachers and parents on her blog